A digital designer and developer in Toronto.

— working @humbercollege

Hi, my name is Jed and I'm a digital designer and developer based in Toronto, Canada. I've worked in the web industry for five years, and am currently a senior web developer at Humber College's Marketing and Communications department.

I enjoy making usable and useful digital experiences. I strive on keeping up to date with trends and technologies in the industry, with a focus on finding ways to make it easier for people to accomplish their tasks.

I've spent the past three years working primarily with the Drupal content management system, but also have experience working with WordPress, Craft, Webhook, and Jekyll. Every project is different and has its own set of issues that need to be solved. It's my job to find the tools and technologies to best tackle these challenges.

Prior to joining Humber College, I worked for the Ministry of Government Services at the Government of Ontario, where I helped ensure that government websites followed a common look and feel. I was also part of a small team that led the update and redesign of the Ontario Public Service's internal online social network and collaboration tool, OPSpedia.


  • Web Design and Development
  • Content Strategy and Creation
  • Marketing


I believe in a content-first approach. Unless you're a web designer, you probably aren't visiting websites to look at how its navigation works or what fonts and colours are being used. People visit websites to perform tasks and fulfil needs; good content is at the heart of that. It works on every screen, device and is focused on what your audience needs.